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Lofa County Sen. Sumo Kupee Accused of ritual killing…Some Defend his Integrity

Lofa County Sen. Sumo Kupee Accused of ritual killing…Some Defend his Integrity

(Jun 10, 2009) By: Amos Harris
A little over two months after Margibi County junior senator, Roland Kaine was acquitted on murder charges, another lawmaker Prof. Sumo Kupee is being accused of having knowledge of the mysterious death of 13-year-old Vewu Kesselly. 

Although, the senator has said he knows nothing regarding the death of the little boy, a local youth group, the Concern Lofa Citizens, led by Mr. Omeccee Johnson, recently issued a statement calling on him to exonerate himself from the allegations. 

The Youth Group, drawing its strength from various universities and colleges, said the senator owes an explanation because little Kesselly disappeared one day after Senator Kupee visited a town in Lofa County where the little boy resided in February, 2006. 

The group said when the incident occurred, the senator who had decided to spend a week in the town where the boy lived, suddenly decided to return to Monrovia without saying a word to anyone in the county. 

The death of Kesselly surfaced a day after the senator reportedly declared his intention to contest in the 2011 Presidential elections. 

What is of most concern, the group said, in certain parts of the world, electoral activities are usually characterized by lots of ugly happenings. 

“And so, in our collective view, for a 13-year old boy to disappear in few minutes after their senator had departed the very town the deceased was residing, raises some concerns,” it said.. 

But Senator Kupee, a former University of Liberia Professor of Economics, now senior senator for Lofa County, denied having the slightest knowledge about the death of little Kesselly. 

He has however chosen not to comment on the matter because the case is in court. 

A close confidante of Senator Kupee, who spoke on conditions of anonymity because he was not allowed to speak on a case already in court, said “Kupee is a man of impeccable integrity” and that he would never engage in such despicable acts no matter the political odds. 

Meanwhile, the Lofa County Magisterial Court has already issued a formal Writ of Summons on the Senator to appear for questioning. 

Editor’s Note: Amos Harris writes for The Liberian Journal and can be reached at Cell# 231-919-676/231-549-762


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