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National Bomi Association Concludes Convention in Minnesota

National Bomi Association Concludes Convention in Minnesota

(Aug 26, 2009)
Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA – The National Bomi County Association in the Americas (NBCAA) held it 4th National Convention in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota from August 21-23, 2009. Under the theme “Unity as the Power of Reconstruction,” delegates from across the United States of America met and discussed issues pertaining to the growth of the Association and the development of the Bomi County as well as Liberia. 

In the crowded hall, Mr. D. Boimah Edwards, National President of the Association eloquently spoke of the need for members of the Association to unite and join the struggle for Bomi County and Liberia’s reconstruction. He highlighted the significant role the county continues to play in the democratic process and economic development of Liberia. 

Bomi County, he asserted, symbolizes uniqueness as the first cradle for iron ore mining in Liberia-- and houses the second largest rubber plantation (Guthrie) in the country. He also reported of the ongoing negotiations between NBCAA leadership and institutions of higher learning in the United States, Canada and Europe for the establishment of sister relationships with Bomi County College and the County government. 

During the convention, past and present leaders were presented certificates of honor for their dedicated and sacrificial services to Bomi County, both at the local and national level. Those honored included: President D. Boima Edwards, the former National Vice President Mr. Samuel Horton, Chairman of NBCAA Minnesota Chapter board Mr. Jesse Z. G. Fahngon, Minnesota chapter President Mr. Adolphus B. Scott, and his Vice President Mr. Dixon Brown, among others. 

In conclusion, the National President admonished members and friends of Bomi County to pursue the path that would promote and create opportunities for their brothers and sisters in Liberia. 

Meanwhile, the delegates at the 4th National Convention have resolved to complete by October 15, 2009 the Quick Impact Project (QIP) earmarked during the last convention held in Atlanta, GA – USA for students in Bomi County. Also the conferees decided on two new projects (Seed rice and Countywide Library System) for the coming year 2010-2011. 

The 2009 Convention ended with a ball on Saturday night and a thanksgiving service on Sunday which was held at the Northbrook Alliance Church in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, USA. 

At those events, the National President spoke of the need a establish a partnership with the North brook Alliance Church,  a church that sponsors other projects in different countries around the world. Rev. Bruce Hobbs, senior pastor of the Church promised to work with the National leadership in exploring ways and means to assist the organization and the county. 

During the church services, a short video clip on the Liberian conflict was shown to the congregation. 

Editor’s Note: Press Release signed by Public Relation Committee of NBCAAA 2009 Convention.












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