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Bishop Dr. Zondo Launches Internet Church, Predicts Pres. Obama on DED

Bishop Dr. Zondo Launches Internet Church, Predicts Pres. Obama on DED

(Mar 12, 2010) By: Gardea V. Woodson
The former pastor of the Minnesota-based River of Life Open Bible Church is to shortly launch an online church that reaches the Diaspora Liberian community and countries beyond the United States through social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube. 

Bishop Paul Zondo said the internet is now the new edifice to preach the word of God to those who are anxious to experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and is calling on individuals who are versed in the various Liberian languages to team up with him to launch this all important program. 

Bishop Zondo told The Liberian Journal in a recent interview that with his three years of knowledge in Internet messaging, he could preach the gospel while the interpreters translate it into the various Liberian languages. 

Bishop Zondo also said the online church is another means of reaching to young people the world over, especially in Angola, South Africa and Liberia, to help them develop interest in the teaching of Jesus Christ. 

Also speaking on DED for Liberians in the United States, Bishop Zondo said he is of the view that President Barack Obama will certainly give Liberians a permanent status so as to remain and continue to contribute to the development of the country. 

He said Liberians who are on DED are assets and not liability to the government’s economy as they have equally and continue to pay taxes in whatever jobs they do to make ends meet in the country. 

On the general perceptions in some quarters that he did not earn his doctorate degree and bishop title and therefore does not deserve to be referred to as doctor or bishop, Dr. Zondo said the doctorate degree was conferred on him (but did not say where and by whom) is in recognition of his service to the church for the past 15 years. 

He explained that when an honorary degree is conferred on an individual, it symbolized that that individual has demonstrated proficiency and efficiency in their chosen profession adding “it also inspires someone to do good”. 

Bishop Dr. Zondo said he has been blessed with a bishopric, having supervised churches in Ghana and Liberia. “They want a bishop to have gray hair and great grand children and apparently in his/her sixties”, Dr. Zondo said.

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