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Enough is Enough: President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Vendetta Against Samuel K. Doe’s Family (An O...

Enough is Enough: President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s Vendetta Against Samuel K. Doe’s Family (An Open Letter)

(Nov 3, 2011) By: Samuel Kanyon Doe, Jr.
In reference to my mother, Mrs. Nancy B. Doe’s news article in Front Page Africa newspaper yesterday November 2, 2011; I would like to use this opportunity to clarify and elaborate on several points…..

Let it be known, that I am not ignorant to Madame Johnson’s longstanding vendetta against my family. I have lived my life proudly and privately as the son of the former President of the Republic of Liberia, Dr. Samuel Kanyon Doe Sr.  In light of recent events by current President of the Republic of Liberia Madame Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, it is imperative for me to express myself just a little to the Liberian people and the international community.

It is a well-known fact that my father welcomed Madame Sirleaf into his administration with open arms. Although she was pardoned for her heinous crimes on many occasions, she in return rewarded him with devastating betrayal which led to the creation of the senseless Liberian Civil war that caused the death of over 250,000 innocent Liberian lives including the life of my father.  For the sake of peace, I like many of my fellow citizens, all made the decision to turn the other cheek.  Yet Madame Ellen Johnson Sirleaf refuses to let sleeping dogs lie and she still continues to target the Doe family unjustly both politically and personally at every opportunity.

It saddens me because this is morally wrong on every level.  I fondly remember happier times with the Johnson family as Mrs. Aletha Johnson (Younger sister of EJS) had an extremely close relationship with my father and my siblings and I. My father and Mrs. Aletha Johnson not only shared a deep love and passion for their beloved Mighty Barrolle team but also shared the bond of a child, my handsome little brother. Our relationship with Mrs. Johnson was so close that she would plan surprise visits to us in England where we lived on boarding school with special treats and gifts from her and our father.

It is with regret that we received the letter below from BCCI that you can find attached. You will observe that BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) indicate they have settled a claim on my father’s account advanced by the Government of Liberia.  The Government of Liberia never informed us that they claimed an entitlement to these or any other of my father’s assets.  We do not know the basis for the Government’s claim.

Our internationally based lawyers in England advised that the Government had to have obtained an order from the courts indicating these assets were government properties, but we should have received notice to attend court.  We were never notified, thus rendering this order illegal and a criminal act, punishable by the courts of Law.  I am astonished; bearing in mind that we never leased private buildings to the Liberian Government unlike previous government administrations.  We are seriously investigating and further documentations reveal that this illegal action appears to be sanctioned by the Head of the Government of Liberia.  Furthermore, we have attached a document from the Ministry of Justice stating that the Government of Liberia has no claims to our father’s estate.

Our father Samuel Kanyon Doe served his country as its leader for over 10 years. He was a very successful businessman. It is a well-known fact that he was also a committed agriculturalist in his beloved home county of Grand Gedeh.  In partnership with other businessmen, he had other business enterprises, including a mineral company with over 2 million dollars USD. All his earnings are purely a private matter. If Madame Sirleaf would like to start seizing bank accounts, she needs to start back from the Tubmans’ administration to the present day, including her own.

Our father made sure that previous administration’s families received all their inheritance and ensured the continuance of their children education. We find it very ironic that the properties in Liberia belonging to former President Mr. Charles Taylor; who is currently standing trial in The Hague, has gone undisputed by Madame Sirleaf and her government. Certainly those serving international travel bans, known warlords and those recognized by TRC would surely have been included if this was a fair or widespread practice. I am now certain that these un-lawful actions by Madame Sirleaf and her government are purely targeted towards us alone-The Doe Family.

Although my siblings and I are successful in our chosen fields, having privately educated ourselves; we must admit that we have been blessed by God Almighty.  However, it is important to note that Madame-Sirleaf hatred for us is so intense and unjustifiable that it brings about another kind of suffering that my mother is not able to express succinctly.  My mother herself  has several properties in Liberia and they are  well looked after. Nonetheless, she very much still deserves her long overdue pension which was promised to her by Madame Johnson 5 years ago, because it is rightly hers as a widow of a late president who died in office – end of story.  She does not need to justify herself in order to guarantee her rightful benefits as the Former First Lady of Liberia or any other  reason for that matter. If Madame Johnson Sirleaf really wish to live up to the perceived perception of who the international community thinks she is, my family and I look forward to resolving this matter once and for all.

Editor’s Note: Samuel Kanyon Doe, Jr. lives in Boston and can be reached at
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