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‘The Rebirth of Sundaygar Dearboy’

‘The Rebirth of Sundaygar Dearboy’

(Mar 19, 2013) By: Nat Bayjay
Popularly known as Sundaygar Dearboy, Liberia’s musical diva S. Michael Davis returns to the musical limelight with a fresh album dubbed Geniuses of Goodness tipped to be his rebirth of a relatively paused musical sojourn.

‘Dearboy’ is unarguable one of the best the post-war country has to offer in its musical industry. He has moved beyond borders in spreading his musical tentacles since his ever-popular ‘Don’t Live With Woman’ album in 2007. Of course, the ever-boiling and most famous of the tracks on that album was ‘Bayjay’, a music that took the country by storm and helped restored his musical career that had hit a political mêlée almost four years earlier after he had produced the official campaign song for the Unity Party (UP) “Let Us Vote Ma Ellen” during the 2005 presidential election.

Cellcom, a cellular giant, won other competitors in luring him to be his sponsors and an official launch of that album at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS) downtown Monrovia still remains an event that cannot be erased from the minds of thousands of his fans that overcrowded that stadium that night.

Since then, there has been no looking-back for the multi-talented musician who blends vernacular Hip-Co music with traditional songs and sometimes contemporary Gospel.

After a rather musical break, the hit-man returns with his official 8th album ‘Geniuses of Goodness’ to be released very soon.

The 11 track-album which has a pending official video includes tracks like LIB ZONTO, Chin-chin (interpreted ‘Living’ in the Bassa tribe), Mon-keh (Dance Hall), Zima-Day (an Afro-Caribbean tongue), Gbemah, (otherwise called ‘Woman of Substance’), amongst others.

Why this album, Dearboy says: “Songs must always be defined and interpreted but ‘Geniuses of Goodness’ can be attributed to philanthropists and others who are ordinarily extra in their [respective] fields”.

In his ‘Don’t Live With Woman’ album, one noticeable track was ‘Evil Genius’ and the title for this new album sounds an opposite sequel to the previous song ‘Evil Genius’. But he replied:”Not exactly so but I just want to send out the message that in spite of the many evil geniuses around, we still can find others who are geniuses of goodness.”

He features both international and fellow local artists on this new album including Odefor of Ghana, Liberia’s own Tupee whose charming voice he featured in the love-song ‘Pokonocheo’, Carol Kaifumba, another Liberia based in Ghana and others.

You need to hear this Mad Media Production album coming from the fingers of its own Chief Executive Officer (CEO) that is proudly Liberian-made. Watch out for ‘Geniuses of Goodness’, soon to be distributed by RK Enterprises downtown Waterside and other international distributors soon to be announced.

As this new album gets launched, ‘Dearboy’ is wasting no time as he is soon expected to take a world tour to include the US, Australia, and Europe.

Editor’s Note:  A Nat Bayjay Promotional Article On Behalf of Sundaygar Dearboy Music Industry
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