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HIV/AIDS Prevention Draws Attention in Liberian Diaspora

HIV/AIDS Prevention Draws Attention in Liberian Diaspora

(Jun 26, 2008) By: Press Release
(Brockton, June 26, 2008): The 4th edition of Liberia Speaks, the twice-monthly public discussion forum hosted via teleconference by the Massachusetts-based Liberian Group, Ltd., gets underway this Friday, June 27 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, with a group of Liberian and non-Liberian medical doctors, educators, and healthcare advocates from across the United States discussing and proposing solution for handling the growing number of HIV/AIDS cases within Liberian communities in the U.S. and Liberia. 

The group of medical doctors, educators, and healthcare advocates, all of whom are associated with work in HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and control, include Dr. Francis Kateh, Public Health Director of Anson County, Anson, North Carolina; Dr. Margaret Kromah, a Liberian Group Public Health Educator & Dental Practitioner in Baltimore, Maryland; Dr. Kimberly Dobson, Program Director for HIV/AIDS Prevention Services at Georgia State Department of Human Resources in Atlanta, Georgia; Mr. Richmond Tobii, Project Director of the Liberian Initiative for Transformation in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Mr. Wynfred Russell, educator, community leader, and health activist in St. Paul, Minnesota, and Dr. Alfredmy Chessor, a Family Medical Practitioner at Hennepin Health Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Doctors Kateh, Kromah, Dobson, and Chessor, along with Messrs Tobii and Russell, will share their experiences about HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and control activities from the standpoint of their respective institutions with Liberia Speaks participants, and make specific recommendations on how best to handle the growing HIV/AIDS problems within the various Liberian communities in the U.S. and Liberia. 

The six featured guests of Liberia Speaks will also discuss the importance of individual and community care and sensitivity in interacting with persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS within Liberian communities in the U.S. or the general population in Liberia, as well as discuss issues of community and individual empowerment, sociocultural limitations, public awareness, and healthcare, which are key components of any HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and control initiatives. 

The 4th edition of Liberia Speaks begins promptly at 9:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on Friday, June 27, 2008.   The participant Access Code for Liberia Speaks is 711499# and dial in Number is 518-825-1300.   Liberians and friends of Liberia residing in the U.S., Liberia, and other parts of the world are invited to call and participant in this crucial discussion on HIV/AIDS and ask questions on HIV/AIDS prevention and control. 

Liberia Speaks is moderated by Nat G. Gbessagee, a former Liberian Journalist, scholar, social commentator, and Liberian Group official. The first edition of Liberia Speaks dealt with electoral and administrative matters of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA), while the second edition dealt with activities of the Liberian Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). The third edition of Liberia Speaks, held only a fortnight ago, dealt with DED and related immigration issues confronting Liberians residing in the U.S. 

Signed: Sylvestine V. Pyne

               Program Director, Liberian Group, Ltd.


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