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Former Liberian Soccer Star Ezekiel Doe Weds Vickey Korlewala in Minnesota

Former Liberian Soccer Star Ezekiel Doe Weds Vickey Korlewala in Minnesota

(Aug 8, 2008) By: Staff Reporter

The cover of the brochure, with letters embroidered in gold and silver, reads:” The marriage ceremony uniting Ezekiel Koffa Doe and Vickey Yarlee Korlewala. Saturday, the Second of August Two Thousand Eight…Saint Alphonso Catholic Church…North Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.” The occasion was one of the biggest ever weddings in the Liberian Diaspora, with a 72-person bridal party stretching from one part of town to another, notwithstanding the current US economy. 

The couple was exquisitely dressed, so too was the bridal party, perhaps lifting a page, if not pages, from playbooks of celebrated designers, that the wedding of Ezekiel Koffa Doe, a Liberian soccer legend, who has earned the distinction of Zico, named after a Brazilian scoring machine, deserves nothing but a celebrity wedding of memorable quality. 

Yes, they did just that, attracting a galore of Liberian soccer stars, from Mayango Jallah to Sakpa Nyanseor, to countless fans, families and friends,  coming to pay homage, to witness, and to share the joy that is Zico and his beautiful and charming Vickey. 

To think it was all about Zico was to deny the fact that Vickey, a widely-respected, extremely beautiful, educated and hardworking sought-after Liberian “Jew”[woman] did not have the crowd to draw. Yes, she does, and they came in their numbers, celebrating her newfound life, committing to spend her life, her entire life, from her Mondays to her Sundays, from now to later, with Ezekiel Koffa Doe, “Till Death Do US [them] Part”. 

A local Liberian wedding planner observed:” This is a wedding worth talking about, because everything was just first class—well-planned, well-executed, and well-remembered.” 

In Minnesota, weddings are no joke and when preparations are made, they are intended to make a point, to send a message to everybody, singles and married couples alike, that we have tied the knot, so we are now one and the same. And the “Does” have made their point, clearly making their case with class, elegance, and joy. CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES…. (PART I). Note: Let the slideshow work for you...You do not have to touch anything.

Editor’s Note: Reports filed by TLJ Entertainment Correspondent. Pictures by “PHOTOSHOP”in Crystal, in the same Building with Kwaku African food Market…Call Arving Jallah at 763-432-4597 for all your photo needs.

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